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At the age of 14 I got my first guitar, it probably wasn't a week before I took it apart and started to customize it. Later on down the road I started to take a body from one guitar a neck from another and mate them up. Soon I was making my own bodies, trying different pickups, bridges, and necks. My band started to play gigs more often and pretty soon I didn't have time to build anymore.
 Along the way a guitar company (PRS), came out that to me changed the face of guitar making. I played their guitars for 10 years before deciding to go back to building my own guitars. I now knew exactly what I wanted out of a guitar and set out to build that guitar.
I've gone through many different changes along the way, before finding what I consider to be the perfect combination of playability, sound, and aesthetics. 
Each guitar I build ; acoustic, classical, solid and hollow body electrics are of my own design, I've researched tirelessly in what makes the great guitars of the past great and what makes bad guitars bad. I've studied other stringed instruments for their sonic properties like violins, mandolins, even drums. 
With the availability of traditional instrument woods severely declining and costs becoming outrageous, I like to experiment with alternative woods, which really opens up tonal ranges, aesthetics, and personalization of the guitar. With the endless choices in materials and your vision, we can build your dream guitar.

Jerome Gizowski

Gizowski guitars
Gizowski guitars